New Carpet and Floor Shopping in Your Own Home!

Updated September 10th, 2016

Is your carpet looking old, worn and matted down? How about your kitchen flooring? We here at Dover Floor Covering feature all of the newest styles in floor covering including new carpet, hardwood flooring, vinyl flooring, ceramic tile and laminate flooring. Shop for flooring in the comfort of your own home! Dover Floor Covering's mobile showroom on wheels saves time, money and gas. From the comfort of your home you can browse through a myriad of flooring samples making it easy to match your decor in your home's natural lighting.

From soft carpet to new hardwood flooring, that offer beauty and durability, to laminate flooring, ceramic tile and vinyl flooring, Dover Floor Covering has you covered.

Jeff Dean Owner of Dover Floor CoveringNew soft carpet styles by Beaulieu of America and Mohawk are featured for your living room, dining room, bedrooms and hallways. We also carry Mohawk's newest carpet yarn style Triexta! (Smartstrand). Congoleum vinyl products are our preferred cushioned products for kitchens, bathrooms and entry ways. Mohawk ceramic tile is a beautiful addition to any master bath, kitchen, entry or mud room. Laminate floors can be installed or purchased separately for the do-it your selfer.

We Will Not be Undersold!

Because of our low overhead, we can meet or beat most every price on new flooring! We understand that in the current economy, lower flooring prices are more important than ever. But not only low prices but great value. We only use highly qualified flooring installation crews that are hand picked. You no longer have to "hope" you get a good installer from one of the big box stores. You can know that you will get our best flooring installation crew for your home improvement project. Call today for your in home consultation. 248-889-4253.

Why We're Better!

  • In home flooring consultation for your convenience
  • Our installation crews are hand picked and of the highest quality
  • Family owned and operated
  • A Michigan based company (giving jobs to Michigan people)
  • Over 38 years experience in the floor covering business
  • Low overhead means lower prices to our customers
  • Customer satisfaction is our highest priority

Local Flooring Business Serving Local Michigan Customers!

We serve the fine communities of White Lake, Highland, Milford, Bloomfield Hills, Brighton, Clarkston, Northville, Commerce, Davisburg, Holly, Walled Lake, Wixom, Novi, West Bloomfield, Waterford, Hartland, South Lyon, Oakland County and many, many more.


  Flooring Blog

Updated September 10th, 2016

Why Shop at Home is Better

The shop at home flooring model as opposed to storefronts. Which is better?

Well, when I first started selling flooring back in 1977, there really wasn't any shop at home style of flooring store. We all worked retail hours (long hours, yikes) in a retail store format. Customers came in, picked out the flooring they liked and usually bought it. Sometimes customers would like to see the flooring in their homes (which was a really good idea) so we would take out some of their choices and see how they looked in the home. While we were there, we would measure the areas they wanted covered and inspect the job site.

When I went out on my own in 1997, I asked myself "what would be the best way to serve customers and keep my prices down?" I knew that seeing the flooring samples in the house was absolutely the best way to make the right flooring choice. Especially for colors. Colors can change shade for so many reasons. So, seeing the flooring samples in the home had to be the cornerstone of the service I would provide. Another benefit to a "Shop at Home" style of store would be low overhead. Low overhead allowed me to keep my prices down. This would save my customers money (another good thing, eh?).

One drawback to "shop at home" was the perceived idea that stores could carry a larger selection of flooring. So a "shop at home" store wouldn't be able to offer the selections that a store front could. There is a very well known company that has only 15 styles of carpet that they bring out (I won't mention any names but you know who you are......). Their selection is very limited. We here at Dover Floor Covering carry over 75 different styles of carpet, the whole Mohawk hardwood flooring line, the whole Mohawk laminate flooring line, Congoleum's vinyl and just a few (15 maybe) styles of ceramic tile (the main reason for this is that ceramic weighs so much that it weighs my van

Another way to combat the perception that a "Shop at Home" floor covering store doesn't have the selection is to have a couple of flooring distributors on hand. There are very rare times (and it really is very rare) that we don't have a flooring selection that the customer really likes. When this happens we will visit our flooring distributors. They have every flooring selection available under the sun. They will have up to 4 times the selection of a retail flooring store! After ascertaining exactly what style, color and type of flooring our potential customer wants, we will visit our distributor and find a couple of choices that will match their preferences exactly. We will then go back out to our customers house with the new selections. This will invariably do the trick 99.5% of the time. So now we have low overhead, unlimited selections and fantastic customer service. After all, who makes house calls these days?

So if the "Shop at Home" flooring store model has the lowest overhead equating to the lowest prices (95% of the time anyways.....), unlimited selection  and unparalleled service (being in your own home where you will see the flooring in it's natural lighting and not under fluorescent lights) then we think it is the absolute best method of shopping for flooring.

Full disclosure: I worked in retail flooring for the first 20 years of my adult life in a storefront. Now I work in a "Shop at Home" retail style of flooring store. I've been in both so I feel qualified to compare the two. I chose the "Shop at Home" style of flooring store for the above reasons. I feel this type of flooring store has the most benefits to the consumer. Now that I've made that choice I guess I'm probably But my reasoning is sound non the less.......