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Updated August 20th, 2016

Is your carpet looking old, worn and matted down? How about your kitchen flooring? We here at Dover Floor Covering feature all of the newest styles in floor covering including new carpet, hardwood flooring, vinyl flooring, ceramic tile and laminate flooring. Shop for flooring in the comfort of your own home! Dover Floor Covering's mobile showroom on wheels saves time, money and gas. From the comfort of your home you can browse through a myriad of flooring samples making it easy to match your decor in your home's natural lighting.

From soft carpet to new hardwood flooring, that offer beauty and durability, to laminate flooring, ceramic tile and vinyl flooring, Dover Floor Covering has you covered.

Jeff Dean Owner of Dover Floor CoveringNew soft carpet styles by Beaulieu of America and Mohawk are featured for your living room, dining room, bedrooms and hallways. We also carry Mohawk's newest carpet yarn style Triexta! (Smartstrand). Congoleum vinyl products are our preferred cushioned products for kitchens, bathrooms and entry ways. Mohawk ceramic tile is a beautiful addition to any master bath, kitchen, entry or mud room. Laminate floors can be installed or purchased separately for the do-it your selfer.

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Because of our low overhead, we can meet or beat most every price on new flooring! We understand that in the current economy, lower flooring prices are more important than ever. But not only low prices but great value. We only use highly qualified flooring installation crews that are hand picked. You no longer have to "hope" you get a good installer from one of the big box stores. You can know that you will get our best flooring installation crew for your home improvement project. Call today for your in home consultation. 248-889-4253.

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  • In home flooring consultation for your convenience
  • Our installation crews are hand picked and of the highest quality
  • Family owned and operated
  • A Michigan based company (giving jobs to Michigan people)
  • Over 38 years experience in the floor covering business
  • Low overhead means lower prices to our customers
  • Customer satisfaction is our highest priority

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Updated August 20th, 2016

Vinyl Asbestos Floor Tile.....

Floor tile is a small segment of the flooring industry these days. Unlike back in the 50's and 60's where everybody put tile down in their kitchens, laundry rooms, bathrooms and basements most people these days will install wood flooring, ceramic tile, vinyl sheet flooring or even carpet depending upon the application.Vinyl Asbestos Tile

Back in the day, vinyl tile was used extensively. It came in a different sizes such as: 6"x6", 9"x9" and 12"x12" tiles. Very common back then were the 9"x9" tiles and were probably vinyl asbestos.

If your home was built before 1980 and has the original floor tiles down in any room of the house then they probably contain asbestos. Especially if they were the 9"x9" variety. Most manufacturers stopped making vinyl asbestos tiles in 1978 but some continued until probably 1980. Even after that there was a lot of vinyl asbestos tile floating around in stores back rooms until the stock was finally exhausted.

Vinyl asbestos tile is not inherently dangerous. The asbestos was encapsulated into the vinyl tile itself. It cannot be released into the air (where it becomes a health risk when breathed in) unless something causes it to be released. Anything that can abrasively wear the surface of the vinyl asbestos tile can potentially release the harmful asbestos particles into the air. Normal wear and tear shouldn't be a problem. Never abrade the surface of a vinyl asbestos tile. Never clean it with steel wool or sand it for any reason as this will release the fibers into the air. Cleaning it with vinyl floor cleaners is fine and is the preferred method of cleaning. Be careful even scraping the surface of the tiles.

So if you do have vinyl asbestos tile in your home there really shouldn't be a health risk.Vinyl Asbestos Tile Removal

When the time comes to install a new floor in the room containing vinyl asbestos tile there are many options. Most companies, when they find that vinyl asbestos tiles are present on the job, will refuse to do the job until the tiles are removed. This has to do with the liabilities associated with vinyl asbestos tiles. But this is an overblown reaction to the situation. New flooring can be safely installed over vinyl asbestos tiles without any health risks whatsoever.

One option is to remove the asbestos tiles. This can be a very expensive proposition when employing a certified asbestos removal company or using a contractor that is asbestos certified.

Another option is just to go over the existing asbestos flooring. If the tile is installed on a concrete floor, such as you would find in a basement, you would just need to skim coat the surface of the asbestos tile. There are products out there designed to be applied to the surface of the asbestos tile that will allow another floor to be glued down on top. Covering the old asbestos tile is a safe and entirely satisfactory solution.

If you have asbestos tile on top of a wood substrate such as plywood, OSB or any other suitable base layer then you can install a layer of luan over the top and then the new flooring thereby sealing in the asbestos tile underneath. The old tile needn't be removed.

Vinyl Asbestos Tile RemovalVinyl Asbestos Tile Floa tFloor

So there you have it. Vinyl asbestos tiles are not inherently dangerous and shouldn't be a cause of concern. Whether you are installing a new floor over the top or still using your current asbestos tile flooring, vinyl asbestos flooring is a safe and durable floor that will last decades. On the other hand, a new floor would look pretty good right about now, eh?  LOL