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November 1st, 2014


Stuff About Flooring Installation...


Well, it seems like the average consumer assumes that all installations are the same. That the installation crew that you get from the big box stores (and you know who you are!!) are of the same quality as you will get from a dedicated flooring company. The consumer feels that the installation you get for $97 for the whole house (or $37 or free for that matter) is of the same exact quality that the mom and pop store will provide. And you can't be farther from the truth!!!


While the big box stores will negotiate the price of their labor down to the bare minimum with their installation crews, the mom and pop stores are busy finding the absolute best installation contractors they can and are willing to pay top dollar for them. After all, we know that a botched installation can follow us through non referrals for a long time. We know that the new flooring job is only as good as the installation of that new floor. 

We can be the absolute best when it comes to the flooring products we carry, the flooring knowledge we have and the prices we offer but if our installation crew botches the job then we are nothing. Nobody will ever come back to us if we screw up the job at the installation level. 

So it is imperative for us smaller flooring companies to have the absolute best, knowledgeable and reliable flooring installers we can find. Trust me, you get what you pay for when it comes to good, honest, capable, reliable and high quality flooring installers. And when you're paying $97 for installation (or less) "THAT'S WHAT YOU'RE GETTING"! A $97 installation company!

Good flooring companies will value their installation crews and pay them accordingly. Not so good flooring companies will try to find the cheapest installation crews around and pay them accordingly. Now, who would you rather have installing new flooring in your home? 

All flooring installations are NOT the same. Nuff said.......

Dover Flooring Blog

October 25th, 2014

So what is the best carpet for a rental?


Well, cheap of course!!!!!  I guess that goes without being said but there are differing reasons for certain types of carpet. This will be based mainly on what type of perspective renters you will have living in your house, condo or apartment.

There are mainly 4 types of renters.

  1. Low risk people that will be staying for years (long term renters)
  2. Low risk people that will be staying for a short time (short time renters)
  3. High risk people that will be staying for a long time (long term renters)
  4. High risk people that normally don't stay long at all (short time renters)

Most styles of carpet will not wear out. They will ugly out (mat down, untwisting of the yarns, tip blossom etc) long before they will wear out. And in the case of rentals, most carpet will get stained, ripped or torn long before they wear out. These are general statements that will vary depending on the quality of carpet you have installed and the type of renter you have.

Okay, let's take each scenario one at a time shall we?


1. Low risk long term renter: You can usually spend a little more in this instance because most low risk, long term renters will treat your rental unit like their very own. They know that they are going to stay for a long time and want to live in a nice place so they will normally take very good care of your carpet. In this case what you want is a carpet that has stain protection (accidents still happen!) and can withstand years of wear. So a medium grade/medium priced carpet that is a great value with built in stain protection is the best in this case.

2. Low risk short term renter: These people, even though they won't be staying long, still will take very good care of your carpet. They are inherently clean people that want to live in a nice place! With these folks you will hopefully be able to reuse the carpet after they move out. So you will get more than one use out of your carpet. So again, a medium grade/ medium priced carpet should do the trick. You will get years of use out of your carpet and shouldn't have to change it for a long time.


Rental Unit Carpet Abuse

3. High risk long term renter: Putting in a medium grade/ medium priced carpet in this instance may or may not pan out for you. They make stain, mutilate and otherwise destroy this carpet in a relatively short time and since they are staying for a long time they will want the carpet replaced as a condition for them to stay. You know as well as I do that sometimes renters can be hard to find. A rental sitting empty is just money lost. So you may find yourself replacing carpet long before you should have to. So in this case a low quality/ low priced carpet with great stain resistance is a must (probably a polyester carpet in varying degrees of quality). That way the carpet may ugly out fast but at least it won't be stained. In these instances you can usually avoid having to replace the carpet early.


4. High risk short term renter: This type of renter knows they aren't staying long and don't really care if they mess up the existing carpet. These instances usually call for constant carpet replacements. The carpet doesn't wear out, mat down, ugly out or anything like that but it will usually be abused badly. Stains, rips, tears etc. Since you will never get the wear out of the carpet in this situation, the quality of carpet is irrelevant. Stain protection is still a must but if you buy a polyester carpet or olefin carpet, you can get high stain resistance at a low cost.

So not all rental situations are created equal and each specific instance has different solutions. Carpet is not rocket science but there are sound reasons behind every different scenario. With rentals you want to make money and keeping your floor replacement costs low will help insure this. Going cheap is not always the best way. Matching up the flooring to each different rental scenario will help insure that you make the right choice.

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Review #4

Wood Flooring Testimonial

Jeff Dean of Dover Floor Covering is a great professional floor person and has great installers too! We had him install beautiful Chelsea plank flooring in American Cherry 3", 4" and 5" wide random width patterns in our home on Vero Drive in Highland and he did our upstairs bedrooms and loft in carpeting too. In our condo in Fenton we have Mohawk's Eucalyptus in 5" wide planks with green natural renewable materials. We love this floor! Wears well and is a hand scraped style and looks like Cherry or Mahogany! Jeff is courteous and on time and does his best to get in and done with quality and savings for you! I have referred him to many clients as I am a realtor in the White Lake, Milford and Highland areas.

Cyndi Robinson
Real Estate One

Review #5

Pattterned Carpet Flooring Testimonial


Dear Jeff, just wanted to thank you again for the wonderful job on our wood flooring. Jeremy and the crew were exceptional. If your are in the area sometime would love for you to see the finished job (after all the moldings and casings were painted). We hope to replace our kitchen flooring next year, if we do, we will definitely call you. Thank you again.

Sam and Judy

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