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FloorEver Pet Plus Carpet


New FloorEver Carpet from Phenix is state of the art, low maintenance carpet designed for extreme durability. Made with solution dyed nylon yarn this carpet is designed to last!

Call for more details or schedule an "In-Home" consultation to see all of the latest styles and colors.


Stainmaster Carpet Remnant!


Curb Appeal Stainmaster Nylon Carpet Remant Blow Out Sale

New Stainmaster carpet being offered below our normal cost! Patterned, short nap, twisted loop carpet in nylon 6,6 for extreme wearability!

Reg Price: $800

New price: $195

Hurry! Only 15 ft left! Learn more.


Anti Microbial for Carpets!


Phenix Microban compressed

Phenix carpets with Microban® help protect 24/7 against the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew, and remain 99% cleaner from bacteria and odors than untreated surfaces. We offer lots of different styles, colors and weaves of new carpet treated with Microban®

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Landmark Laminate Flooring


Landmark laminate flooring

New laminate flooring introduction! Highest quality, German made with a superb wear layer makes this laminate flooring one of the very best!

$2.99 per ft*

See the full laminate flooring line here


Laminate Flooring Installation

  • Dover Floor Covering Shop at Home

    Carpet Installation and Hardwood Flooring! Shop in Your Own Home!

    Updated January 15th, 2022

    Is your carpet looking old, worn and matted down? How about your kitchen flooring? We here at Dover Floor Covering feature all of the newest styles in floor covering including new carpet, hardwood flooring, vinyl flooring, ceramic tile, waterproof flooring, LVT and laminate flooring. Shop for flooring in the comfort of your own home! Dover Floor Covering's mobile showroom on wheels saves time, money and gas. From the comfort of your home you can browse through a myriad of flooring samples making it easy to match your decor in your home's natural lighting.

    From soft carpet to new hardwood flooring, that offer beauty and durability, to laminate flooring, ceramic tile and vinyl flooring, Dover Floor Covering has you covered.

    Jeff Dean Owner of Dover Floor CoveringNew soft carpet styles by Phenix Flooring and Dixie Home are featured for your living room, dining room, bedrooms, basements and hallways. We also carry Phenix's newest styles of carpet with Microban Technology! Beautiful new LVT (luxury vinyl tile), LVP (luxury vinyl planks) and other vinyl products are perfect for your kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, dining rooms and entry ways. Stylish ceramic tile is a durable addition to any master bath, kitchen, entry or mud room. New, improved and upgraded laminate floors can be installed or purchased separately for the do-it your selfer.

    We Will Not be Undersold on New Carpet or Hardwood Flooring!

    Because of our low overhead, we can meet or beat most every price on new flooring! We understand that in the current economy, lower flooring prices are more important than ever. But not only low prices but great value. We only use highly qualified flooring installation crews that are hand picked. You no longer have to "hope" you get a good installer from one of the big box stores. You can know that you will get our best flooring installation crew for your home improvement project. Call today for your in home consultation. 248-505-4648.

    Carpet Installation

    Dover Floor Covering provides some of the best styles, colors and prices on new carpet. With our low overhead, Dover Floor Covering is dedicated to passing along those savings to our customers! Our company vans are jam packed with enough new carpet samples to fill a small carpet store. We have a large selection of carpet styles that include designer multi-toned cut pile carpets, fashionable berbers, textured weaves, level looped carpet, patterned carpet and more! We also carry every different carpet yarn available. We have nylon carpets, solution dyed nylon carpets, polyester, Smartstrand, olefin and more.

    We take great pride in our carpet installation services. Dover Floor Covering only uses high quality carpet installation crews. Our promise to you is to be on the job site on your scheduled installation day. We will be on time and will perform the carpet installation in a professional manner.

    Hardwood Floor Installation

    Hardwood flooring will add beauty, performance and value to your home. Dover Floor Covering carries a variety of hardwood flooring including: engineered hardwood flooring and solid hardwood flooring. Some of the hardwood species we carry are: oak hardwood flooring, maple, hickory, American cherry, ash, birch, walnut, Brazilian Cherry and lots more. The hand rubbed oil finished hardwood floors are a must see. 

    Dover Floor Covering also provides high quality hardwood floor installation. We can install solid hardwood flooring, engineered hardwood flooring or click together floating hardwood flooring. Nail down, staple down, glue down or click, hardwood floor installation is what we specialize in. Call today for an in home consultation.

    Vinyl Flooring, Ceramic Tile and Luxury Vinyl Tile

    Dover Floor Covering also carries sheet vinyl flooring, ceramic tile, LVT and most every type of flooring available for residential installation. We also carry the new waterproof flooring. This type of flooring is under the LVT banner and is great for wet areas in the home. Areas such as basements, laundry rooms, mud rooms, kitchens and any other room in the home where water may be an issue. Vinyl installation and tile floor installation can also be provided.

    We Are a Locally Based Flooring Company!

    We serve the fine communities of White Lake, Highland, Milford, Bloomfield Hills, Brighton, Clarkston, Northville, Commerce, Davisburg, Holly, Walled Lake, Wixom, Novi, West Bloomfield, Waterford, Hartland, South Lyon, Oakland County and many, many more.

    Call today for your in home consultation. 248-505-4648


     Flooring Blog

    September 9th, 2021

    Best Carpet Yarn 3.......

    Solution Dyed Carpet Yarn. Simply The Best....

    We finish up our discussion on best carpet yarns this week with this blog on solution dyed nylon. The solution dying process is mainly used in commercial grade carpet. You don't see this process used very often in the manufacture of residential carpet but a couple of the carpet mills, Phenix Flooring and Dixie Home, has quite a few lines of carpet using this dying process.


    Solution dyed carpet yarn

    Simply put, solution dying is the process of injecting the dye into the carpet yarn while it is still in liquid (solution) form. When the yarn is extruded the color (dye) is all the way through the yarn. Most carpets are made with greige goods and then dyed to a specific color. In this process the carpet is made with greyish/white colored yarn and then run through a dyer where the yarn is dyed. If you were to cut a carpet yarn in half that is dyed in the conventional method, the inside of the yarn would still be the greyish/white color. If you were to cut  a solution dyed nylon carpet yarn in half, you would see that the yarn is colored completely through. Inside and out.

    Because of the way solution dyed yarn is dyed, it is very stain resistant, extremely fade resistant and still wears like a nylon yarn (because it is a nylon yarn). So you get all of the benefits of nylon yarn (wear resistance, resiliency and softness) along with the fantastic stain resistance that you would normally see in olefin yarns or polyester carpet yarns.

    Some of the best warranties in the business are attached to this style of carpet (and I mean actual warranties, unlike some of the warranties that mills put on their carpets that have so many restrictions and limits that they will almost never pay off on any of their warranties!!).

    You can even clean some of the toughest stains using a mixture of half water and half bleach (always test a scrap piece of carpet first and call the manufacturer to confirm)! Try that with any other type of carpet yarn and see what happens........large whiteish blotches will form on your carpet if you were to try this cleaning solution with just about any other type of carpet.

    So in our humble opinion, solution dyed nylon is the best carpet yarn to use for residential carpet. Really no need to say anything else....



  • Inspirations Laminate Flooring

    Inspirations Laminate Flooring

    This laminate flooring is very durable and scratch resistant. It features extra wide planks, 4 sided bevels that make each laminate plank stand out, oak graining and unique styling with German engineering for a superb quality laminate flooring!

    • 7.56" wide boards
    • Wear rating of AC4 (very durable)
    • Water protection: 72 hour protection against everyday household spills. Pet friendly with extended spill and standing water protection. Can damp mop.
    • 40 year residential warranty
    • 5 year commercial warranty
    • Surface: Wood grain texture
    • German manufacture and precision


    Call today for your in home consultation. 248-505-4648

  • Landmark Laminate Flooring

    Landmark Laminate Flooring

    This laminate flooring is extremely durable and scratch resistant. It features extra wide planks, 4 sided bevels that make each laminate plank stand out, oak graining with reclaimed embossed in register and unique styling with German engineering for superb quality laminate flooring!

    • 7.56" wide boards
    • Wear rating of AC5 (the best wear rating)
    • Water protection: 72 hour protection against everyday household spills. Pet friendly with extended spill and standing water protection. Can damp mop.
    • Lifetime residential warranty
    • 7 year commercial warranty
    • Surface: Reclaimed embossed in register
    • German manufacture and precision


    Call today for your in home consultation. 248-505-4648

  • Reclaimed Chic

  • Some Stuff on Laminate Flooring

    Dover Flooring Blog

    February 14th, 2015


    Some Stuff on Laminate Flooring.....


    Laminate flooring is a hard surface flooring that has a lot of uses. You can use it in kitchens, laundry rooms, entry ways, living rooms......really any room in the house (maybe better not in full bathrooms, too much water potential).

    It has a very hard surface with a melamine wear layer. Very scratch resistant and dent resistant. You can scratch a laminate flooringLaminate Flooring 250x318 surface if you try hard enough (don't try this at You can hit the floor with a hammer and not leave a mark. Whereas hardwood flooring will scratch and dent. Try hitting a hardwood floor with a hammer and see the results. Walk inside from the outside on a hardwood floor and see how the floor will in time start showing lots of scratches and wear and tear. A laminate floor will hold up better to this type of abuse than hardwood flooring.

    Laminate floors have come a long way when it comes to water resistance. In the old days (maybe 20 years ago) laminate floors were very susceptible to moisture. Now most laminate floors are treated for water resistance and will stand up to water (a flood, a water leak under the sink or a washer overload will put enough water on and under the floor that you will probably still get swelling and cupping that will ruin the floor). Water resistant but not water proof, remember that.

    Laminates are marketed for the DIY market. Most people that are handy can install this type of floor which can save you money. Professional installation is still the best way to go but you can still install this floor yourself. Unlike vinyl flooring or ceramic tile which are much harder for the do-it-yourselfer to do.

    The visuals in laminate flooring have improved over the years also. They have a very lifelike look to them these days. Some of the older laminate styles looked unreal. They looked fake. Not so some of the newer styles. They look real and you can hardly tell some of them from the real thing.

    Laminates have a niche in the flooring industry these days and can be a great addition to any home.

  • Stuff About Flooring Installation

    Dover Flooring Blog

    November 1st, 2014


    Stuff About Flooring Installation...


    Well, it seems like the average consumer assumes that all installations are the same. That the installation crew that you get from the big box stores (and you know who you are!!) are of the same quality as you will get from a dedicated flooring company. The consumer feels that the installation you get for $97 for the whole house (or $37 or free for that matter) is of the same exact quality that the mom and pop store will provide. And you can't be farther from the truth!!!


    While the big box stores will negotiate the price of their labor down to the bare minimum with their installation crews, the mom and pop stores are busy finding the absolute best installation contractors they can and are willing to pay top dollar for them. After all, we know that a botched installation can follow us through non referrals for a long time. We know that the new flooring job is only as good as the installation of that new floor. 

    We can be the absolute best when it comes to the flooring products we carry, the flooring knowledge we have and the prices we offer but if our installation crew botches the job then we are nothing. Nobody will ever come back to us if we screw up the job at the installation level. 

    So it is imperative for us smaller flooring companies to have the absolute best, knowledgeable and reliable flooring installers we can find. Trust me, you get what you pay for when it comes to good, honest, capable, reliable and high quality flooring installers. And when you're paying $97 for installation (or less) "THAT'S WHAT YOU'RE GETTING"! A $97 installation company!

    Good flooring companies will value their installation crews and pay them accordingly. Not so good flooring companies will try to find the cheapest installation crews around and pay them accordingly. Now, who would you rather have installing new flooring in your home? 

    All flooring installations are NOT the same. Nuff said.......

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"Thank you so very much for the wonderful job your team did on our master bedroom!  We just love our new carpet.  The cats also approve.  We just got back from Europe on Thursday.  It was such a joy to come home to our soft, luxurious new carpet.  It was truly a pleasure doing business with you...we will always recommend your company!  Thanks again."

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"Your installer did a fine job with re-stretching my carpet!  And thank you so much for your generosity and please accept my sincerest gratitude."